Scientific electronic reviewed journal
Systems of Control, Communication and Security
ISSN 2410-9916

Requirements reviews

Revision asks reviewers to use the form of a review of an article which to be filled when making judgments on the paper (filling example).

The reviewer may give an opinion in any other written form. In this case, the review should include the following information.

  • originality of the paper, novelty of the received results;
  • completeness and correctness of the representation problem in the literature review;
  • relevance of the topic;
  • the current state of the question;
  • clarity of goals and objectives, their correspondence to the presented factual material;
  • detailed description of materials and methods of research;
  • the adequacy of the choice of research methods;
  • the adequacy of the analysis of the research results or experimental data;
  • results correspond to the objectives of the study;
  • a critical evaluation of the obtained data, taking into account the comparison with the papers of other authors;
  • the validity of the findings;
  • the scientific value of the research results;
  • the practical significance of the results;
  • clarity of presentation (tables, figures);
  • comparison of own data with literature data;
  • contains references to all important publications on the topic;
  • the correctness of the borrowing materials and the absence of plagiarism;
  • quality and volume;
  • the paper complies with ethical standards.

When the article is received, the editorial board will check it for plagiarism in an information system "Antiplagiat".

Editorial board use the Internet services for checking of plagiarism: Antiplagiat, TEXT, Content-watch and programs: Plagiatus Advego, Etxt.

The final report with the results of verification of the received paper sent to the reviewer along with the article.

The reviewer should make a conclusion about the correctness of citations and the absence of plagiarism on the basis of the analysis of the report about results of check.